The Festival

The Trivium Festival wants to solicit, enhance and make concrete artistic expression in all its forms. The event, characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to art, will see the succession of different specializations, ranging from cinema to music, from theater to performing arts.

In the constant intersection of each language, the ultimate goal is to be man in his immanent essence and in living in society.

The Trivium Festival is a multidisciplinary competition open to all professional artistic realities (national and international), operating in the fields of cinema, music and theater.

The festival is promoted and organized by the cultural association Teatro del Grillo with the patronage of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, known for its evocative and unspoiled landscapes, rich in art, history and culture that will showcase the various musical, theatrical and cinematographic realities registered in the Festival.

The Trivium Festival is divided into three different artistic sections: International Film Competition (TFC); National Music Competition (TFM); National Theater Competition (TFT).

The winners of each section will be awarded by the technical jury the prize for best artistic proposal, which includes a cash prize.
In addition, the public prize for each section will be awarded by the popular jury. Out of competition artistic proposals will be presented during the festival and highly trained masterclasses held by musicians, authors, actors and directors with a recognized artistic curriculum will be organized.